10 Most Expensive Domains

Most Expensive Domains: It is a recognized truth that individuals develop Sites and, after that, sell them for cash. People additionally buy unique Domain names and later on the market them for a massive lump sum. It can be a great deal of money in Website flipping and Domain name turning, as well as some individuals make good money in this organization.

10 Most Expensive Domains

People typically would purchase the domains with a vision that they will undoubtedly fetch excellent value and will be on the list of the most expensive domains. Hence, this is a type of financial investment for some that are associated with this company. What you need to do is purchase an internet site or domain name with some memorable name and after that, wait for a long time until it acquires appeal or obtain some excellent purchaser.

This short article brings to its viewers the Leading 10 most expensive domains of all the time offered till day. It was additionally located that gambling, as well as sex-relevant domains, are the ones which have brought one of the ideal costs!

Here are the top 10 Most Expensive Domains

VacationRentals.com – $35 000 000

Sold for $35 million and Year: 2007: The brand-new proprietor of this website is Mind Sharples, CEO of HomeAway. Sharples confirmed he purchased the domain because he did not want Expedia, a HomeAway rival, to obtain it.

PrivateJet.com – $30 180 000

10 Most Expensive Domains

Sold for $ 30.18 million and Year: Feb 2012: Nations Deluxe Transport, LLC (Nations) got the domain name https://www.PrivateJet.com from Don’t Look Media.com, a leading intellectual property holding firm.

Insure.com – $ 16 000 000

Cost $ 16 million and also Year: 2009: Marketing firm QuinStreet bought the domain. It was the 2nd highest possible deal of all time, and PrivateJet.com damaged this document.

Sex.com – $ 13 000 000

Marketed for $13 million and Year: Oct 2010: One of the first domains related to the porn market to be sold was Sex.com. Being connected to ‘sex,’ the domain name is just doing well and is one of the most looked at words on the search engines! That’s why is one of the most expensive domains.

Fund.com – $ 9 900 000

Sold for $9.9 million and Year: 2008: This domain name’s significant function is financial service. Thus, the domain is not live, and there is no concept if the proprietor is waiting to resell the domain name.

Porn.com – $ 9 500 000

Cost $9.5 million and Year: 2007: During the sale, this sale was the biggest all-cash purchase for domain and the alongside Sex.com. MXN Limited acquired one of the most expensive domains, and Moniker helped to offer this domain name. The domain name is merely prospering, and also, this is an additional domain name related to porn and most looked in the online search engine.

Porno.com – $ 8 900 000

Sold for $8.9 million and Year: Feb 2015: Rick Schwartz, the ‘Domain King’ had gotten the Site from a college child in 1997 for simple$ 42,000. It appears the website gained more than $20 million in all; initially, it made over $10 million via vehicle parking and redirects without ever giving actual adult web content, as discussed by Schwartz.

Fb.com – $8 500 000

Sold for $8.5 million and Year: Nov 2010: Facebook acquired Fb.com from American Farm Bureau Federation. Currently, the domain name has been redirected to www.facebook.com.

Diamond.com: $7 500 000

Cost $7.5 million and Year: 2006: Currently, the domain name is in usage and serves as an internet shopping site for diamonds. This reveals why the buyer paid a significant amount for the domain; well, he uses the website to offer the jewels!

10 Most Expensive Domains

Z.com – $6 800 000

Cost $6.8 million and it makes one of the most expensive domains: Nov 2014: Nissan had the domain name for its Z collection of cars, and then it was offered to the Japanese domain name biz GMO computer registry. Z.com was sold for $6.8 m (₤ 4.3 m, 800m yen), placing it in the leading 10 of perpetuity domain name sales. Currently, only three single-character domain names and Z.com are among these in the.com room.


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